Work From Home Security Policy Assessment

Coronavirus has forced more users to work from home than ever before. The changes have created significant additional cyber security risks. Organizations need assessments and work from home (WFH) security policies to manage those new risks.

Work From Home Cybersecurity Risk Is Increasing

The coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic is leading to a large increase in cyberattacks including one against the US Dept. of Health and Human Services. Organizations worldwide are seeing phishing attempts leverage the anxiety around coronavirus. Users are both physically and mentally in unfamiliar territory, leading to heightened concerns that they will fall victim and expose the organization to significant cyber security risk.

Critical Response

Get immediate cyber security incident response.

Assess Work from Home Cybersecurity Risk

The Work From Home Security Policy Assessment provides a comprehensive view of the risks faced by an organization’s remote workforce. It also captures the capabilities of the organization to implement appropriate and effective security controls, including how to monitor an expanded, and in many cases unmanaged, set of endpoints.

The Work From Home Security Policy Assessment includes the following services:

  • Assess an organization’s policies, processes, training, and capabilities to secure the remote workforce
  • Assess controls in place or controls that can be imposed on the remote workforce to minimize risk while continuing productivity
  • Assess the capability of an organization’s remote workforce to comply with remote workforce security controls
  • Assess the ability of an organization to secure remote work environments for extended periods
  • Document all methods of remote work connectivity to office networks, computing requirements, cloud-based infrastructure, web applications, laptops, smartphones, and tablets

Create and Enforce Remote Worker IT Security Policy

With the assessment and documentation, CI Security consultants will assist you in developing the policies and processes you need going forward. Even after the pandemic subsides, experts are predicting many organizations will likely allow staff to work from home and off-site more than they did in the past. Security teams need to be ready, and your workforce needs to be prepared to deal with the risks arising from this “new normal”.

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