Office 365 Security with Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Lower your risks and save costs from Office 365 security incidents.

67% of the reported breaches in 2019 related to compromised emails and/or stolen user credentials.

Source: 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report,

Organizations are changing employee work environments and business operations quickly while facing increased cybersecurity threats.

Critical Insight™ Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for Office 365 defends in-office and remote workers by giving you 24x7x365 advanced threat detection with U.S.-based security experts investigating events in Office 365.

Email Security for Office 365 Users

Phishing attacks, account takeover, and business email compromise are not 100% preventable, but you can catch them before severe damage is done. Critical Insight analysts can see anomalous behavior in O365 and respond quickly, helping you avoid an impactful breach.

24/7 Security Monitoring Saves You Time

Your IT and/or security team likely chases non-stop security alerts from Microsoft and Office 365. 24/7 Managed Detection and Response offers an affordable solution to take the burden off alert-fatigued staff.

With Critical Insight MDR for Office 365, our experts investigate your O365 security alerts, so you can deploy your team elsewhere.

Expert Security Operation Services for O365

Extend your security operations with expert Security Analysts who monitor your Office 365 network and data 24/7 in state-of-the-art Security Operations Centers. Critical Insight Analysts use advanced threat detection to investigate your O365 security alerts around the clock. If we find something suspicious in your Office 365 environment or in your network, we’ll respond to the incident in two hours or less.

The information stored in O365 platforms creates organizational risk. With Managed Detection and Response for Office 365 Monitoring, customers can ensure their O365 cloud platforms are being expertly monitored as key components of their environment. Mike Simon, CTO at CI Security

Critical Insight MDR for Office 365 investigations include:

  • Account Takeover: A user’s Office 365 account is hijacked and then fully controlled by the bad actor.
  • Brute-Force Attacks: A bad actor uses automated software to generate a large number of attempts at attaining the desired data, often for password cracking.
  • Impossible Journey: A user logs in from LA and 20 minutes later from Europe. It could be VPN use, or it could be something else.
  • Unusual Location: A user logs in from a location they rarely or never visit, even though they may have gone there.
  • Compromised Credentials: A user succeeds with password authentication but fails 2FA many times.